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Will the C-suite see a “Great Reshuffling” in 2022?


Hamermesh, Jacobs, and Strine on “Optimizing The World’s Leading Corporate Law”: Part 1 Controlling Shareholders–Plus Lipton


Retail icon Mickey Drexler on breaking up department stores: “I don’t get it.”


Morse Code or Carrier Pigeon


Retail ESG Activism: There’s an App For That


Google’s Incognito Mode And Activist Investor Laws


ICYMI: 23 states file comment opposing DOL’s proposed rule that “promotes a social activist agenda over the interests of employees, retirees, and other retirement fund beneficiaries.”


BlackRock’s 2022 Executive Compensation Policies: Director Accountability for Pay-for-Performance


“Sustainable” Companies Face Increased Pressure to Justify the Sustainability Label Amid Investor Challenges and Demands for Greater Risk Assessment and Disclosure


Top CEO worry for 2022: Job security


The Most Overpaid and Underpaid Boards


Four Delaware rulings from 2021 that could shape M&A litigation


Some Thoughts for Boards of Directors in 2022


Every CEO Should Follow Mark Zuckerberg’s Stock-Trading Example


Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry airballs his first activist investor bid


Activist hedge fund furious after ‘juvenile’ attack by activist investors


Statement of Commissioner Elad L. Roisman


2022 Proxy Advisor Policy Updates


SEC Resets the Shareholder Proposal Process


CLIENT ALERT: SEC Proposes New Rules That Would Require Disclosure of Security-Based Swap Positions Within One Business Day of Exceeding Reporting Threshold


Activist investing: forget hedge funds, leave it to private investors


BlackRock updated its 2022 voting policies, with a summary and detail, and analysis from Alliance Advisors and The Corporate Counsel

ISS Announces 2022 Benchmark Policy Updates


Analysts ponder whether activist fund Elliott is more in need of a ‘shake-up’ than the firms it invests in


Monks and Minow Comment to DOL/EBPA on Pension Fund Fiduciary Proxy Voting and ESG


Activist Insight interviews 85 year-old Carl Icahn – “We’re not going away”

Drinks With The Deal: Eduardo Gallardo of Gibson Dunn


Engine No.1 CEO Jennifer Grancio on the firm’s new approach after winning the battle against Exxon


When Companies Fire Their Auditors, Timing Is Clue to Future Trouble


Voting Matters 2021: Are asset managers using their proxy votes for action on environmental and social issues?


SEC Open Meeting: Buybacks Disclosure & Insider Trading on Agenda for Next Wednesday!


ISS Announces 2022 Benchmark Policy Updates


Startup helping retail investors wage activist campaigns against Apple and JPMorgan raises $10 million


How to Lose $2 Billion in 10 Years: Unpaid Bills Pile Up for Former Hedge-Fund Star


ESG Investing Poses No ‘Significant’ Cost to Investors


Here’s One Way Shareholders Can Get Companies to Act on Global Warming



CLIENT ALERT: Delaware Chancery Court Decision Highlights Newfound Importance of Delivering Nomination Notices Well Ahead of Advance Notice Deadlines




Engine No. 1 Expects More Activist ESG Campaigns


Pros & Cons For Dual-Class Shares


Are Electric Vehicles Meme Stocks or Long-Term ESG Investments?


Right-Wing ESG Fund Touts First Year Results


The Intrinsic Futility of ES(G) Investing


VOTE: ESG Activism in an ETF


Shareholder Proposals: Staff Legal Bulletin No. 14L (CF)


Politan Capital Management Has Roughly $900 Million Stake in Centene


BlackRock hires Joele Frank’s Roe as stewardship head for the Americas-memo


Shareholder Proposals: Staff Legal Bulletin No. 14L (CF)


Boom Or Kaboom? M&A Is Hitting Records – But Some Activists ‘Just Say No’


ISS Launches Open Comment Period for 2022 Proposed Benchmark Voting Policy Changes


Chris Hohn: from hedge fund moneymaker to climate crusty


New essay by me: The Three Faces of Control. And, also, a new paper by Hamermesh, Jacobs, and Strine that is really required reading.


The Surprising Reason That
Allocators Are Embracing ESG


Stockholder Nominees Barred For Noncompliance With “Clear Day” Advance Notice Bylaw


ISS ESG Launches Collaborative Engagement Services


SEC Adopts New Contested Election Rules


SEC Staff Issues New Shareholder Proposal Guidance, Rescinding 2017-2019 Guidance


SEC proposes to undo key provisions of 2020 proxy advisory firm rules


Shareholders Begin to Discuss Fairness in Proxy Voting Guidelines


Shareholder Proposals: Staff Legal Bulletin No. 14L (CF)


Loews: Court Awards Former Boardwalk Unitholders $690 Million >L


Activist investors raise bets on retailers and other consumer cyclicals-filings


Of Owners and Ownership


Debate: Is ‘Woke Capitalism’ A Threat To Democracy?


A Win for Environmental and Social Shareholder Proponents? Corp Fin Issues SLB 14L, Rescinding Prior SLBs on Economic Relevance and Ordinary Business Exclusions


Engaging with State Street Global Advisors


Have you reviewed your bylaws lately?


The SEC Backs Off on Proxy Advisory Firms




CLIENT ALERT: BlackRock’s Recent Move to Transfer Voting Power to its Institutional Investors Could Benefit Shareholder Activists in Election Contests


11 CFO tips for riding the rising tide in ESG activism


Advance Notice Bylaws: Caution Required


Glass Lewis Launches Equity Plan Advisory Service


Today’s Tech Founders Don’t Just Own the Company. They’re Also Getting Huge Pay Packages


Manufacturers Fight SEC’s About-Face on Proxy Advisory Rule




ESG, Diversity & Activism with Olshan’s Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman


“Queen of Good Corporate Governance” Nell Minow on the Best of Times and Worst of Times of Capitalism


Shareholder activism is evolving—is your board ready?


Director Pay Trends 2021


Chancery Court bars dissident director nominees from the ballot for advance notice non-disclosure


Activist Investors: Setting the Pace on ESG


Getting heard on climate: small investors take on big companies


Corporate Lawyers Discuss The Accuracy of Succession and The Roy Family’s Brewing Legal Battle


Manufacturers Fight SEC’s About-Face on Proxy Advisory Rule


Robinhood’s New Proxy Platform Battles Investor Apathy


In corporate crackdown, U.S. SEC takes aim at executive pay


Navigating the Landscape of ESG-Related Shareholder Litigation


SEC reopens comment period for its Dodd-Frank clawback rule


Employee Ownership 2022 Proposals


Roundup of Director Overboarding Policies